Warehousing | Equipment Storage | Repair & Fabrication

Clear span space for flexible industrial use.

Whether you need an Industrial Fabric Building for warehouse space for industrial work, equipment maintenance or fabrication, a MegaDome is well suited to meet these needs. Available in widths from 30 to 160 feet, it is the fastest solution to obtaining cost-effective workspace. With no central support inside the structure, trucks and forklifts can operate in all directions. High sidewall clearances allow maximum storage space, make every square foot usable.

MegaDome: the industrial storage solution.

Fast to install, extend or move, for your growing enclosed space needs.

Industrial storage needs can grow quickly, so can a MegaDome! A MegaDome Fabric Building can be easily installed and lengthened when needed to increase your available enclosed space.

Unexpected opportunities can arise. A MegaDome Fabric Building can easily be installed or an existing MegaDome can be dismantled and re-installed at a new location.

A cost-effective solution to quickly add additional enclosed space.

Conventional industrial buildings are expensive to build and maintain. A MegaDome is a great alternative considering the ever-changing needs of many businesses.

In addition, the unique properties of the PowerShield® cover allow the natural light to penetrate inside, generating considerable savings on electrical bills.


Protects your industrial investments

Megadome buildings are designed by our in-house engineering team to meet or exceed the national building code standards. Built with corrosion resistant steel and covered by a waterproof membrane, industrial equipment, and raw materials are efficiently protected. The high-quality building materials used to ensure the reliability and the strength of the structure.