MegaDome Steel & Fabric Structure Building Features


Improve your Work Environment!

Extend your Season!

Under a MegaDome fabric building, machinery is safely stored, your employees can work in a comfortable environment and are protected from the wind, rain, snow, and cold!

Whether you need space for storage, sports arena, barn showroom, a country-style market or industrial storage, a MegaDome will meet your needs. With no central support posts needed inside the structure, all types of activities can be enjoyed inside a MegaDome.

Fast to install, extend or move for your growing storage needs!

If your needs change quickly, a MegaDome can be quickly lengthened or moved at any time.

Conventional buildings are expensive to build. A MegaDome Fabric Covered building is a great alternative and much less expensive and quicker building to erect. If this extra space is no longer required or the project ends, a MegaDome® can be quickly dismantled and moved to another location.

In addition, the unique properties of the PowerShield® Cover easily allow light inside, eliminating the need for daytime lighting.

MegaDome Fabric Buildings are designed by our in-house engineering team to meet or exceed national building code standards. Built with corrosion resistant steel and covered with a waterproof membrane; people, equipment, and machinery are protected from the bad weather. The double truss arches, made of strong oval tubing, ensure the reliability and the strength of each MegaDome.

MegaDome Fabric Building Features for Weather Protection in Harsh Environments. Key Features Include: 

Manufactured in Canada.

Engineered Double and Single Truss Steel Frames.

Buildings designed to Withstand Canadian Weather Conditions.

Heavy Duty Industrial Fabric Covering with fifteen(15) year warranty.

Choice of Colour Trim. (Blue, Hunter Green, Red, Tan & White).

Able to Use Wide Range of Large Doors.

Hot Dipped and Stainless Steel Components available for Highly Corrosive Environments.

Fire Retardant Fabric available.

Building Widths from 30 feet – 160 feet.

Building Lengths from 30 feet – 750 feet+.

Built to Meet or Exceed Canadian National Building Code Standards.

Quick Delivery.

Fast Installation.

No Obstructions.

Post Free.

12oz Industrial PowerShield Membrane Covering.

High Ceilings.

Provincial Engineer Stamped Building Plans.

ISO and CSA-A660 certified manufacturer.

Can be Relocated or Sold at Project End.

Low Maintenance.

Extend Building Length at Anytime.

Shipped Anywhere.

Leasing Available.