MegaDome Steel & Fabric Structure Building Features


Improve your Work Environment!

Extend your Season!

Fast to install, extend or move for your growing storage needs!

Conventional buildings are expensive to build. A MegaDome Fabric Covered building is a great alternative and much less expensive and quicker building to erect. If this extra space is no longer required or the project ends, a MegaDome® can be quickly dismantled and moved to another location.

In addition, the unique properties of the PowerShield® Cover easily allow light inside, eliminating the need for daytime lighting.

MegaDome Fabric Buildings are designed by an in-house engineering team. Built with corrosion resistant steel and covered with a waterproof membrane; people, equipment, and machinery are protected. The double truss arches, made of strong oval tubing, ensure the reliability and the strength of each MegaDome.

Key Features Include: 

Manufactured in Canada.

Engineered Double and Single Truss Steel Frames.

Industrial Fabric Covering.

Choice of Colour Trim. (Blue, Hunter Green, Red, Tan & White).

Able to Use Wide Range of Large Doors.

Hot Dipped and Stainless Steel Components available for Highly Corrosive Environments.

Fire Retardant Fabric available.

Building Widths from 30 feet – 160 feet.

Building Lengths from 30 feet – 750 feet+.

Quick Delivery.

Fast Installation.

No Obstructions.

Post Free.

High Ceilings.

Provincial Engineer Stamped Building Plans.

ISO and CSA-A660 certified manufacturer.

Can be Relocated or Sold at Project End.