Megadome Fabric Buildings are designed and engineered for years of use in Canadian weather. Megadome fabric buildings are each custom designed by the Canadian manufacturer.

The superior design of MegaDome trusses’ set it apart from other designs. Galvanized steel trusses with bronze welding make each MegaDome an exceptionally strong, corrosion-resistant building that is unique in the industry. MegaDome buildings are further strengthened through the use of an industrial 12oz PowerShield cover.

Steel & Fabric Buildings are Responsive and Cost Efficient!

Industrial fabric covered steel buildings can be erected in less than half the time it takes to build a conventional wood or metal covered steel building. It’s not uncommon for a fabric building to be designed and installed within a manner of weeks! This is important when dealing with tight project deadlines where quick building completion is needed.

Steel & Fabric Buildings are Corrosion Resistant

An industrial fabric covering provides a rust-resistant solution. A critical benefit in cold or wet regions. Our fabric buildings are designed to deflect rain and snow away from the building and to keep surface water runoff away from the interior. If you are storing road salt, fertilizer, organic waste, or a range of other corrosive materials, our hot-dipped galvanized steel frames are an option designed to fully protect the structural steel from corrosion

Should I purchase a building that has been certified as NBC CSA-A660 Compliant?

Yes. Don’t buy a building without getting the manufacturer’s current CSA-A660 certificate!

The 2010 Canadian National Building Code (NBC) was issued with the CSA A660-10 as a standard being required for all Steel and Fabric Building Systems – defined  as an integrated assembly of manufactured steel primary structural components, secondary structural components of any material, and cladding of any material, specifically designed by the manufacturer to support and transfer loads and provide a complete or partial building shell, which includes fabric membrane covered frame structures.

What type of foundation do I need?

A variety of foundations can be used but your choices will vary depending on soil conditions, available materials in the area, building purpose etc.

To select a foundation design, it is recommended you have  a geo-technical assessment of your soil conditions and its load bearing capacity completed. This information can then be used by your foundation design engineers to determine the most effective and structurally durable foundation for your building.

What building sizes are available?

We offer 30′, 35′ and 40 in the single arch model and 33′, 40′, 50′, 60′, 70′,80′, 90′, 100′, 125′, 130′, 140′ and 160′ wide in double arch curved truss models. 

What are temperatures like inside a MegaDome?

The white and tan colored covers provide an environment that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Can we relocate the building

These buildings provide the flexibility to allow you to take down your building and move it to a new location.

Is it possible to add on to the building?

Yes. You can add to the length of your building at any time.