Choose a MegaDome for your Animal Care Needs

These buildings are used by the agriculture industry as  Animal Barns, Farm Buildings as well as for Equipment, Hay, Crop Storage.

For Sports, the building has been used to enclose Riding Areas, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields and Hockey Arenas to name a few.

These structures will protect your Animals and your Farming investment from Harsh Weather.

A MegaDome is an extremely versatile structure.

Compared to conventional buildings, this MegaDome is an ideal alternative in terms of its low cost and exceptional quality.

The superior design of the MegaDome trusses sets us apart from the competition. Its uses straight pieces instead of curved and its galvanized finish make the MegaDome a sturdy, corrosion-resistant structure.

For compost storage, we offer additional protection against corrosion. Our hot-dip truss and brass welds make for a corrosion resistant free building.

No need for lights during the day – can you imagine working inside a building and not having to turn on the lights? No lights – Save $$$

MegaDome buildings provide a natural and healthy environment which results in: Happy & Content herds = Increased Productivity = Increased Profits. Natural daylight keeps bedding drier.

MegaDome Fabric Buildings are supplied thru out Atlantic Canada.